How It Works

Give your gently used costumes an encore performance. It's time to clean out your basement and start selling your gently used dance costumes. Dance it Again makes it easy for you to create your own costume store and start selling your costumes within minutes.


You have invested enough already, therefore we will not charge posting fees for your costumes. Post as many as you want. Dance it Again deducts a 20% commission from the sale of the item. All transactions are done online and you will receive payment directly into your Stripe account (less the commission).*


As an introductory offer, Dance it Again is reducing our commission on the sale of any dance costumes to 20% until August 31, 2017. After August 31, 2017 a 20% commission will be deducted from the transaction of each costume sold at the time of transaction.

*Dance it Again uses Stripe, an online, secure payment processing company. For more information go to In order to use our service, you will need a stripe account to receive money from your sales.

How Dance it Again helps you sell

We provide you with an online marketplace to help you sell your costumes. Through our online channels, Dance it Again is able to reach a larger audience of potential buyers. We help get your costumes noticed. We promote our site through Facebook and Twitter. As people look through the costumes on the site, they have the ability to share them to their own social media networks.

When your costumes are posted, they are also posted on all of our social media sites.

Through our online channels, Dance it Again is able to reach a larger audience of potential buyers. We help get your costumes noticed.

Safe and Secure

At Dance it Again, we value your safety and privacy. All communication and payment transactions take place through the site, eliminating the need to release personal information. All payments are processed through Stripe, an online payment provider. Dance it Again will never share your payment or personal details.


To better manage shipping costs, Dance it Again recommends shipping items using USPS's Flat Rate Shipping. To make it easier for you, we have added these options for you to include in your listing. For oversized items, pricing will need to be calculated once the location of the buyer has been determined.

Shipping costs will be added to the total transaction price. The seller will be provided with the shipping details and will be responsible for shipping the item within two days of the transaction being processed.


Dance it Again is not responsible for any items sold on this site. If there are any problems with the purchased item, please contact the buyer to resolve.