The idea for Dance it Again took root in a basement late one night at the end of a dance season. One of our co-founders, a dance mom, was packing the latest costumes into a bin. As a parent of two daughters, she was no stranger to investing money into costumes only to store them away.

The result? An online, dance-related, costume marketplace that provides dance families with a platform to buy and sell gently-used dance costumes: Dance it Again. We have two goals for the platform: we want to make it easy for you to reach a wider buying audience, and we want to help you find that next perfect costume—at a fraction of the price. List your gently-used costumes in three simple steps and find a buyer to connect with.

There are two minds behind Dance it Again. Our dance mom has had daughters competing at the competitive level for almost 20 years—and she’s also a senior marketing specialist with a focus on online, digital marketing. Whereas our second co- founder owns a digital media company and specializes in custom websites that craft user experiences.

To sell your costumes on Dance it Again, all you have to do is create an account and pay a low subscription fee. We’ll take care of the advertising. As for the fee, it covers administration and marketing, and you have the option to pay by the month or cut your costs in half by paying yearly.

Dance costumes are an investment—of your joy, time, and money. By using Dance it Again, you can recoup costs, reinvest in new costumes, or just clear out the clutter.